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About Pomperaug

Camp Pomperaug is located at 1174 Buckley Highway in Union, Connecticut near the Massachusetts border, easily accessible from I-84, exit 74. The Camp consists of 160-acres of forest including the camp owned Wells Pond, as well as access to Lake Mashapaug. The camp is surrounded by Nipmuck State Forest.


The Camp is operational year round except in July due to summer resident camp programs. Year-round programs consist of tent, lean-to or lodge camping, fishing, hiking, water sports, canoeing, boating, cross country skiing sports and other outdoor activities.


More information about the camp, including information about making reservations, is available on the Connecticut Yankee Council website at: You can also contact Connecticut Yankee Council camping registrar at (203) 876-6868, ext. 273.



History Of Camp Pomperaug

The Rotary Club of Bridgeport obtained a parcel of land on Lake Zoar, Southbury, Connecticut. The Connecticut Light and Power Company completed the Stevenson Dam across the Housatonic River between 1917-1919. To the north, the flooded area was called Lake Zoar. The lake was neighboring on four towns, Monroe, Shelton, Newton and Southbury. The Bridgeport Rotary Club gave this northeastern tract of land to the Bridgeport Council #65, BSA in 1919 for the establishment of Camp Pomperaug. Several camps surged along the shores of Lake Zoar. Camp Sherman, Camp Rippowam, Camp Irving.


By 1922 Camp Pomperaug was established for its first season of summer camping. In 1936 Bridgeport Council #65 changed its name to Pomperaug Council #65. In the winter of 1948, the dining hall roof caved in. The council used Camp Mauwehu until 1951. In 1952 Pomperaug Council moved the camp to Wells Pond, Union, Connecticut. In 1972 Pomperaug Council merged with two other councils to form Fairfield County Council #68. There were then operating three summer camps under the new merger. It became very difficult for the new council to run three simultaneous camps for the next two years. The summer of 1974 was the last season of summer camp at Camp Pomperaug.


The Camp remained open as a off-season camping facility through 1998. In 1998 Fairfield County Council #68 merged with Quinnipiac Council #74 to form Connecticut Yankee Council. Camp Pomperaug was closed for Scout use in 1998 and rented to the Connecticut Burns Foundation for the operation of their Children's Burn Camp. Following the negotiation of a new lease and a vote by the executive committee of the Connecticut Yankee Council, the camp was reopened to Scout use in 2009. The Camp remains rented by the Connecticut Burns Foundation for the operation of their camp in July and is available for Scout use the rest of the year.


(Adapted from Wayne Sakal's web page about Camp Pomperaug.)


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I use to be a Tenderfoot, and a happy Tenderfoot too, but now I've done my Tenderfooting, and I don't know what to do, I'm getting old and feeble, I cannot work no more so I'm going to buy my ticket if I can. Where to? Back to Pomperaug, Happy Land... Whet! Whet! Back to Pomperaug, Happy Land... Whet! Whet! Oh! I'm going to buy my ticket if I can.


* Tenderfoot is replaced by 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life then Eagle, as the song continues.